Why this APP?

Whether you start learning or already have a certain level, it will help you improve your reading, listening, pronunciation and grammar skills.

If you are a student

You can study, review, audios, videos, tests. You can also save your notes in a structured way.

If you are a teacher

Create specific topics and update them from the same APP as from the WEB. Elaborate tests and follow the evolution of students.

Create, Share, Learn

Content can be created from the web or from the app itself. You can also share them with colleagues.


CRECOA is your manager of training materials for learning languages on mobile and tablet
  • Create your own content
  • Share them with your students or peers
  • Learn from this app, adapting it to your learning methodology


The CRECOA platform offers both teachers and students the best tools to exchange dynamic content related to learning any language, both full courses and specific aspects.

If you are a student, thanks to CRECOA you will be able to advance in the learning of your language beyond the classroom teachings.

If you are a teacher, with CRECOA you can manage in a simple and flexible way all those courses you are teaching, exchange content, exercises ...